About Us Our Team
Ir. Brahma mahardika graduated from Architecture dept, University of Merdeka Malang in 2002 and has since worked on a wide variety of projects, master planning , hotel, apartment, commercial, large-scale residential, private villa, boat and school, wooden house.

Our design team consist of Design Principal which have a minimum
5 years of working experience with a group of senior architect, consultant,
designers assisting the principal on every project.

Our junior architect designers work asa back end support for the
project, assisting the seniors on drawings and documentations

Principal Architect : Ir. Brahma Mahardika

Junior Architect : Rico Pradana 'ST

3D Architect : Murti Waseso 'ST

Architect : Taufiq'ST

Junior 3D Architect : I Gede Sukmanata

Drafter : I Gede Kertayasa

Drafter : Agus Budi Syehab

Structure Engineer : Achmad Bachtiar 'ST, Andi Suhendra 'ST

Other Architect : Sindhu Paringka ST , I Wayan Gede Wijaya ST, Adi Prabowo 'ST,

I Gede Jaya Artha 'ST, Nanang Yulistawan ST


Our Services

We approach each project as a unique opportunity to
share our expertise and work with you on a solution
that fits your needs. We do this through a well
thought-out design process and a variety of services.

What we offer

We have many different clients with many different
needs. For this reason, we offer a comprehensive set
of services, including:

• Architect Design
• Cost Estimating
• 3D Design
• Construction Management
• Contractor
• Animation